WordPress: How to show/hide widgets on different pages

Widgets are a great way of displaying blocks of content on your site (check out our list of custom widgets on this page). However WordPress will display those widgets everywhere on your site where the widget section is enabled.

But what if you want to display a widget only on specific pages of your site? For example, you may wish to display an image widget on the homepage only.

All of our WordPress themes come with extra options to show/hide widgets in different sections of your site. To do this, simply click the “visiblity” button in any widget as shown below:

For example, if we wanted to show this widget on the Front page of your site, we would select the following options:

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  1. Shannon

    I’m not seeing this option on any of the widgets. Is that due to my theme (opulence)?

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Shannon, you may need to check if “Accessibility Mode” has been activated on your Widgets page. You can do that by clicking the “Screen Options” at the top then disabling it via the link https://imgur.com/a/6facm.

  2. Chelsea

    How do you do this with your About Me? I only want my About Me on my homepage but can’t find the settings to take it off of all my other pages.

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Chelsea, it should be possible to do this just the same when using the “Profile Photo” widget.

      Am I correct in thinking that you’re using the Blossom theme? I’m guessing you might be referring to the “About Me” feature within the Customizer? If so, this is not a widget so won’t have the same options as above.

      1. Chelsea

        Hi, Yes I am using the Blossom theme and the About Me feature. Will I not be able to hide it from the other pages?

        1. Phil (pipdig)

          Unfortunately not, otherwise it will knock-off the number of blog posts so there would be an empty space at the bottom.

  3. Megan

    I’m trying to hide the featured images on holly and weave on all pages but the home it does not have a visibility button. It’s hidden on every page except home and the blog feed. How can I fix?

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