Shopr: How to include products from Shopstyle Collective

It is possible to connect the Shopr plugin with any "List" from Shopstyle Collective. This will then automatically display the products from that list, rather than adding each one individually in the Shopr plugin.

The List will be automatically updated whenever you add new products from Shopstyle Collective.

Follow the steps bellow to display a Shopstyle Collective List with the Shopr plugin:

1. Connect your Shopstyle account by going to Shopr > Settings

2. Now let's create a List in Shopstyle. Head over to their website and log in.

3. Click the "Search" option on the left side of the screen:

4. Search for any products you'd like to add to your List.

5. When you hover over a product, it will allow you to add it to a List.

6. Create your list and give it a name. You can add as many products as you like to the List.

7. When you have finished adding products, go to the "Lists" menu item on the left of the screen.

8. Select the List you would like to use, then copy the List ID to your clipboard.

9. You can now display the products from this List by copying the List ID into any Product Collection in Shopr. For example:

After adding a Shopstyle List ID to a Collection, the products will be included everywhere that Collection is displayed.

If you would like to add Shopstyle products to a single shortcode/widget only, you can add the List ID directly (do not do this if you have already included the List ID in a Collection, as this will create duplicates). We've listed some examples below:

A grid of products:

Note that adding collection="none" will mean that the grid will not display any other products you have added to Shopr. It means only products from the Shopstyle Collection List are displayed.

A "Shop the post" carousel:

Or you can use the "Shopr Carousel" widget in any widget position of your theme:

Every time you add a product to the List in your Shopstyle account, it will also show up in the Shopr widget automatically too.

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