WordPress: YouTube Widget

The YouTube widget will display your recent videos from your channel or a specific playlist you have created.

To use this widget, go to the Appearance > Widgets section of your dashboard. For more information about how to use widgets, please see this guide.

You can display up to 6 videos from a channel/playlist of your choice.

Widget options:

"How do I find my Channel ID?"

You can find your Channel Id from this guide.

"How do I find my Playlist ID?"

A Playlist Id is a little more tricky to find. Follow the steps below:

1. Go to the "Playlists" section of your channel.

2. Select the playlist you want to display.

3. You can now copy the Playlist Id from the URL in your browser. As shown in the example below:

So our Playlist ID would be PLFJ2YTOsbclyv_wUOX0YaxSHlcdgCimw0

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