WordPress: How to create a "shop the post" feature

This guide lists some free widgets which you can use to create "Shop the post" style features in your blog.

We also have premium plugin available from this page which allows you to create shopping features right from your WordPress dashboard.

"Shop the Post" widgets

You can display a section of products in your posts or in any widget/gadget by using the free tools from shopstylecollective.com or rewardstyle.com. Both sites offer a similar widget to the example shown below. You might also be interested in our Shopr plugin which allows you to create this type of widget without needing to create an account with a 3rd party.

"Shop My Wardrobe" pages

To create a list of products in a grid, like the example shown below, you can use the "Boutique" widget from either www.rewardstyle.com or www.shopstylecollective.com.

How to earn some extra income from your site

If you're looking to create some income from your blog/site, you may find this guide useful.

How to create a fully functional shopping cart

The features listed above are primarily designed to list products which are sold externally from your own site. If you would like to create a fully functioning shopping cart with your own products and features such as stock and shipping rules, you may find this guide helpful.

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