Earning money from your blog

So you want to make a few pennies from your blog? There are a few ways you can do this without having glaring ads or selling your soul to a brand. Follow our simple steps below to start earning rewards from your hard earned time blogging.

Google Adsense

Adsense is a service by Google which will display advertising on your site. which you can set up quickly and easily on your blog. You can choose where you want the ads, which size ads you want to display and you can manage it easily from your dashboard. It’s very simple to use and once you’re over the threshold (around $50 USD), the ad revenue will be deposited into your bank account – easy!


  • Very quick to setup
  • Set and forget


  • Little control over advertising content
  • Can look "cheap" compared to curated content

Note: All of our WordPress themes comes with Adsense integration via this guide.

Affiliate links are another simple way to make a little bit of money off your blog. Affiliates allow you to link to a product and earning a small percentage of the sale if someone buys the item. There’s a few websites you can use for this – the most popular are Shopstyle Collective or rewardStyle – and, again, they’re very easy to use! For more general items, you can also use affiliate networks such as Amazon Associates or Affiliate Window.


  • Quick to setup
  • More control over the products you advertise
  • A more quality experience for your readers


  • Requires time for you to research products
  • You must manually create each link in order to track referrals

Note: You may be interested in our new Shopr plugin for WordPress.

Imagine if there was a way to use affiliate links without the "cons" listed above. Well, there is! Skimlinks allows you to easily monetize your site by automatically converting product/brand links into affiliate links. This means you can earn a commission every time a purchase is made, all without lifting a finger. Check out our full guide about Skimlinks for more information.

Collaborating with brands

This may be one for later, but once you’ve established yourself a little as a blogger, you can start working with brands. This one tends to come with time and gaining contacts in the blogging world, but after time you may find brands knocking at your door to work with you! Just keep creating awesome content and we’re sure the collaborations will come.


  • Usually much better paid than other forms of advertising
  • Can provide good quality content for your readers
  • May help form long term relationships with brands/PRs


  • Requires more manual work compared to automated ads
  • May not be available to all bloggers immediately

Make sure you check your local regulations/taxes when it comes to making money and sponsored content.

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