WordPress: How to create a shop or online store

Many of our WordPress themes have been specifically designed to work nicely with the free WooCommerce plugin. If you’d like to create a fully functional online shop, you may wish to use this plugin and any of our themes listed on this page. WooCommerce allows you to add a fully functional e-commerce store to your WordPress site/blog.

Alternatively, you can setup an online shop section on WordPress using Ecwid. This is a more quick and simple solution if you would like to list some simple products on your site.

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  1. Jack

    Thanks Phil. .So only certain themes have online shop? What are those ones?

    Have you considered offering something like Club membership like the ones in Themify https://themify.me/club because there are many creators that may want to create different web sites using different themes. Buying one by one is expensive.

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      The themes on this page are fully compatible with WooCommerce. However all of our themes are also compatible with Ecwid. We’re hoping to add WooCommerce to all themes over time too.

      Thanks for the feedback on membership/pricing. We have considered creating a membership club like this, so this may well be available in future 🙂

  2. Jack

    Does your themes has customized woocommerce products page etc. so that it will match the theme?

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Jack, yes any of the themes on this page are designed to work with WooCommerce. For example, this is a product in the Aruba Nights theme.

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