WordPress: How to create a shop or online store

Many of our WordPress themes have been specifically designed to work nicely with the free WooCommerce plugin. If you’d like to create a fully functional online shop, you may wish to use this plugin and any of our themes listed on this page. WooCommerce allows you to add a fully functional e-commerce store to your WordPress site/blog.

Alternatively, you can setup an online shop section on WordPress using Ecwid. This is a more quick and simple solution if you would like to list some basic products on your site.

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  1. Traci

    Hi Phil,

    Right now I have both a wordpress blog and a seperate eccomerce website for products. I have recently installed your firefly theme and you say it’s compatible with woocommerce. If I install woocommerce, will I have to do/pay for anything extra for a secure online store? I am worried I’ll change it over, and miss my other platform. But I dream of having full control over my store and think it would be good to just operate everything on one website.

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Traci, the main thing you’ll need for a safe/secure WooCommerce store is quality hosting. The hosting plans on this page of SiteGround are the best balance of value for money and security. We actually use the same hosting for our own WooCommerce site too. You get a free SSL certificate (to convert the site to https) and they also provide a free transfer service too. I can help with arranging that for you if you needed any help, it would only take me a few minutes so it’s something we would not need to charge for.

      Aside from that, it should be possible to create your shop using WooCommerce without any issues. The main thing is really making sure that the hosting is safe and secure.

  2. Candace

    Having trouble with a checkout page. Every time I add an item to my cart, it goes back to the shop and not to check out. I cant figure out what I am missing

      1. Candace

        Thanks, I actually figured it out. The woocommerce setup wizard didnt make these pages so I had to create with the shortcode.

        1. Phil (pipdig)

          Great! Glad to hear you got it working 🙂

  3. Rebecca

    Hi, How do I change the colour of the WooCommerce store notice that appears at the top of the site? I am using Holly & Weave

  4. Jen M.

    I recently purchased the Culture Shock template and am LOVING it! I thought I remembered having the option to purchase store format for $15 as I was completing my sale, which I decided not to do but now wish I had. Is that still an option and if so, what is the difference between the WooCommerce plugin? Thanks!

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Jen, glad you like the theme! I think you may be referreing to the Shopr plugin which can be purchased on this page. This allows you to display products and link to sites which sell them externally, whereas WooCommerce allows you to sell products with a shopping cart on your actual site. The idea behind Shopr is that it gives you a nice way to display products which are featured in a blog post or page.

  5. Jhirae

    Hi, I have one of your templates for my Lifestyle Blog and I love the look and functionality of your designs. I use the shop plugin, but I’m developing an entire new eCommerce for a clothing line with a different look and feel apart from my personal blog. Is there any way that pipdig can create a template or refer me to a similar company that offers the same services, but for eCommerce?

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Jhirae, glad to hear you like your template!

      You’ll find all of our WooCommerce themes listed on this page. However if you wanted something more bespoke then you may wish to post a job listing on http://www.upwork.com to see if a freelancer can help.

  6. Abbigayle Warner

    hi , i have the woo commerce plugin and i use it on my theme for affiliate shop posts , but i’m having trouble removing the cart icon from my nav bar , I don’t sell anything on my blog personally and it’ just confusing to my readers. I tried deleting the cart page but no luck . please help

  7. Brittany

    Hello, I have the Aruba Nights theme and I just installed the Woocommerce plugin. On the shop page, I can’t get it to go to a full width page and the other pages either(checkout, cart, etc.) even after I’ve set them to be full width. Can you help?

  8. Nicola

    Hi there,
    I want to add woo commerce to my blog to allow people to shop a collection. But does that mean I need to buy a theme for woo commerce too? I don’t understand how it works exactly…

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Nicola, if you’d like to create the shop with WooCommerce then it would be a good idea to use a WooCommerce compatible theme. WooCommerce might also work on other themes too, but certain features might not be 100% compatible. The other option would be to use Ecwid, which can be used on any theme.

  9. Jenny

    Hi, I’ve added woocommerce but the font isn’t right, I can’t find where to edit it on the customiser, can you help? Thanks

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Jenny, it looks like you have now changed the fonts using the Easy Google Fonts plugin. Let me know if you had any other questions about this.

  10. Sanya

    I bought the Venture theme purely because of the fact that it had an Online Shop. Does the template not come already set up with the shop or do I have to code everything myself?

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Sanya, thanks for purchasing the Venture theme!

      Don’t worry you don’t need to code anything to create the shop. You just need to install the WooCommerce plugin as mentioned above and then follow their setup wizard. This will guide you on adding products etc 🙂

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