WordPress: Custom Instagram Feeds

You can display your Instagram feed in multiple locations of any pipdig theme using the options in the Customizer. Please note, if you would just like to display your Instagram feed in your sidebar, we recommend using our Instagram widget instead.

Before starting, please make sure that you have connected your site to Instagram.

1. Go to Appearance > Customize in your dashboard:


2. Look for the “Instagram” tab in the options on the left:


3. You can now select where you would like your Instagram feed to appear using the options:

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  1. Phoebe

    Hi there, Is it possible to choose which images are in the instagram feed? I have the template Firefly for wordpress and I was hoping to choose which images are in the header. Or will it just put the most recent photos there?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Phoebe, that is not possible unfortunately. As a workaround, you could perhaps create a second Instagram account to selectively publish images there. However that might not be very practical if you wanted to build up followers on that platform.

  2. Birjo

    Hello! I have WordPress theme Maryline. Intragram photos are huge in front page beside posts. How can I change it?

  3. Nadine

    My Instagram refuses to work on my website. It just doesn’t show the pictures (it just displays white squares) yet I can still click on it and it will go to the correct link.

  4. Rose

    Wont let me edit or change colors for font? how do i do this?

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Rose! Just to double check, would you like to change the colors and font of the Instagram feed?

      1. Rose Archelus

        Yes but with every font in general. I see no where to change instagram colors and I see nowhere to change hover colors in general

        1. Phil (pipdig)

          Thanks for confirming that for me. Which aspect of the Instagram feed would you like to change the colors on? Currently there are no colors in this feature so that it doesn’t interrupt the flow of the images. Would you like to change the color of the heart icons which appear when you hover over the image?

  5. Alexa Garcia

    If I wanted to change the size of the font on the social links above my Instagram Feed in the footer, what CSS would I use? Thanks in advance!

  6. Prameet Kaur

    Hi, is there a way I can embed my Instagram photos into a blog post instead of uploading normal photos? Thanks!

    P.S- I use the Equinox theme.

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Prameet, I’m not aware of a way to do this. However there probably will be a plugin you could use to do it. I was able to find this plugin which might be useful.

  7. Sara Batchelor

    Hi, I have a second instagram account connected to my main account. I wanted to connect the second account to my blog page but it will only let me use the main account?

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Sara, the main Instagram features of the theme can only be connected to a single account. However you can display other accounts using the Instagram Widget.

  8. Susanna

    My instagram feed has totally disappeared from my site. I havent changed anything but cant fix it. Please can you help ?

      1. Susanna

        Hi It says ‘click here to authorize your Instagram account’ I clicked it and nothing happens. It doesnt change. I have had no problems with IG feed onto my site for a year and havent changed anything

      2. Susanna

        hello !! Can you help me please ? I need this sorting asap

        1. Phil (pipdig)

          The Instagram feed seems to be working on your site https://imgur.com/a/qzoXP. Does it look blank for you?

          Be assured, we’re here to help. However please be patient whilst I gather all the necessary info to assist you 🙂

  9. Ana

    I want to purchase the FIREFLY theme… Would I be able to remove the instagram widget on the top of the homepage?

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Ana, yes that’s no problem. The Instagram feed can be added/removed at any time 🙂

  10. Khira Momodu

    I’m not sure why, but my Instagram feed continues to disappear when all the info is correct.

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Khira, would you be able to send me a link to your site so I can take a look?

        1. Phil (pipdig)

          It looks like the IG feed is working for me when I view your site. Let me know if you’re still having any issues with this 🙂

          1. mathilde

            Bonjour j’ai le même probleme ! mon flux ne s’affiche pas alors que tout est correct … c’est comme si mes photos étaient blanches … et pourtant quand je clic sur l’espace dédié à mon flux (qui se trouve en haut de ma page et aussi en pied de page) je suis bien redirigée vers la photo de mon compte instagram… c’est vraiment bizarre! avez vous une solution à mon problème ? merci beaucoup !

            Hello I have the same problem ! my feed is not displayed while everything is correct … it’s as if my photos were white … and yet when I click on the space dedicated to my feed (which is at the top of my page and also in footer) I am redirected to the picture of my account instagram … it’s really weird! do you have a solution to my problem? thank you very much !

            1. Phil (pipdig)

              Hi Mathilde, it sounds like your site is using an old version of the pipdig Power Pack plugin. If you complete section 3 of this guide it should fix it. You’ll also get lots of new features/widgets too 🙂

              1. mathilde

                Super merci beaucoup ! ca a marché :))) j’ai bien du le supprimer puis le re mettre :)))

                Great thanks a lot ! it worked :))) I had to delete it then put it back :)))

  11. Anna

    Hello! I am hoping to buy the “you and me” world press theme, am I able to customize it to have my instagram feed at the header and footer as well, compared where on the side bar it is for the preview? Thank you!

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Anna! Yes that’s certainly possible using the ‘you & me’ theme 🙂

  12. Kim T Le

    Hi! Is it normal for all the Social Links to have preset numbers after them? Ex: Instagram | 585, Pinterest |56. Is there any way to omit them and just have “Instagram” displayed? Thank you!

  13. Kayla

    Hi! Is there anyway to have different instagram photos on the bottom, then on the top? Right now the top and bottom are the same, can I change that? Say my first 9 instgram photos on the top then the next 9 on the bottom?

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Kayla, that’s no possible at the moment but if it becomes available we’ll certainly add it to a future update.

  14. Melissa

    Hi, I’ve changed my Instagram username, but it still displays my old username on the footer. Is there any way I can fix this? Thanks!

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