Why do images in the slider look pixilated/blurry/zoomed in?

Some images may appear "zoomed" in when using any type of post slider, for example in the Full Width Slider. This is caused by your web browser automatically compensating for different screen sizes.

If your images are looking very blurry, this suggests that the image is not wide enough to fill the space correctly. This can be a particular problem if you use a lot of portrait images rather than landscape.

Note: If you're using Blogger/Blogspot, you should make sure to set your images to original size.

For example, let's say you have a laptop which is 1280 pixels wide, but your friend has a different laptop which is 1920 pixels. If you were to upload an image which was 1280 pixels, it would look perfect on your screen, but it would look blurred and distorted on your friend's larger screen. To get around this, your browser will automatically scale the image to the best possible fit. This is what causes the zoom effect.

How do I fix it?

For best results the featured image for your post should be of landscape orientation. We recommend the following sizes:

  • Blogger/Blogspot: 1600 pixels wide. Or you can simply upload images straight from your Camera (Blogger resizes large images to 1600 anyway). Always set images to Original Size.
  • WordPress: The Featured Image should be 2048 pixels wide and in a landscape orientation if possible.

If you're using Blogger/Blogspot, also make sure to set your images to original size.

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