Shopr: How to include products from rewardStyle

It is possible to connect the Shopr plugin with any 'Boutique' widget from rewardStyle. This will mean that you won't need to add each products to the Shopr plugin manually. You can simply add the Boutique widget to Shopr, then continue adding products directly within your rewardStyle account. They will be displayed in Shopr automatically.

How to add products from rewardStyle

1. Create a "Boutique" widget in your rewardStyle account. You can do this from the "Apps" section of their website:

2. After adding your products, rewardStyle will give you a code which will look like this example:

3. From this code, copy the "id" number. So we would take 1998811 from the example above.

4. Go to Shopr > Product Collections and edit/create a collection.

5. Now paste the id number into the following option:

Any products you add to the Boutique widget in rewardStyle will now automatically appear in this product collection. This includes products you add in future.

For example, you can display the products in a "Shop the post" style carousel via this guide or a widget in your theme using this guide.