Installation Service FAQs

I don't know the password to access my blog!

Please make sure that you send the correct password. We can't stress enough how important this is. We are only able to attempt installation once per purchase. So if you send the wrong password this means we can't install the theme for you. If this happens, we will send you the theme and our step by step installation guide so that you can setup your theme.

If you are unsure what your password is, please test it before sending. You may wish to use the "I forgot my password" button to reset your password before requesting an installation.

Did you receive my installation request?

You will receive confirmation of your installation request via email after completing the form. Please check your spam/junkmail folder for this. If you find that the message went into your spam folder, please add the email address to your contact list. Otherwise our replies to your ticket will probably be lost.

How long does installation take?

We aim to install the theme within 48 hours of receiving your request. The actual installation process takes around 20 minutes for us to complete once started.

Will I receive a notification once the installation is complete?

Yes, we will email you with information on how you can log in and setup the remaining/optional features of the theme. Please add to your contacts in your email account. This will ensure that our message does not go into your spam/junkmail folder. We have had quite a lot of reports of this happening.

Will you setup the menu items and pages for me?

This is something you can setup yourself after the theme has been installed. It is best that you set this up, since you will learn how to edit the menu items in future. You will receive step by step instructions on how to edit the menu.

Will you setup my social media links?

This is something you can setup yourself very quickly via our social icon widget.

I have more questions! Where should I ask them?

You are welcome to reply to your installation request confirmation email.