Blogger: How to remove the post slider

If your template comes with a post slider pre-installed, you can remove this at any time.

Note: If you decide to remove the slider, the only way to bring it back is to re-install the template. See section at the bottom of this article for more information.

To remove the slider, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Layout section of your blog’s dashboard.

2. Click the “Edit” button in the gadget called “Posts Slider”.

3. Click the “Remove” button in the window that pops up.

“I accidentally removed the post slider! How do I get it back?”

Due to limitations with the Blogger system, the only way to bring the slider back is to re-install the template. You can download your template and installation guide from your email receipt.

Please note that by re-installing the template you will lose any changes made in the “Template” section of your dashboard. So that’s things like fonts, colours and layout options. You may wish to take note of these before re-installing the template. All of your content, pages and gadgets will be kept safely.

Hopefully Blogger will improve their dashboard in future so that we can add sliders via a theme options page (much like our WordPress themes. You may be interested in our migration service).

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  1. Maria Balcells

    I have problems with the gadget header, between the head and the tree pictures below there is a big empty space. I have uploaded three times the script and started from zero but nothing helps. Could you please tell me how I get a head as one of your examples?

    FIRST LINE: Navigation
    SECOND LINE: Slider with transparent banner and name
    THIRD LINE: Three pictures with Links
    FOURTH LINE: Shop, unfortunately, I sell paintings, the app will not work for me. Would be nice to have a slider instead.

    More I haven’t managed I still working with the head since I started

    I let my blog open as it is so you can see the problem. please let me know as soon as you have a solution. I do not like to much to leave unfinished web pages open online.

    Your template is very nice. I hope to manage to get it on my blog as nice as you have it here.
    Thank you for your time,
    Best regards,

    maria Balcells

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Maria, if you select this option it should help to remove that extra white space. There is more information on how to upload the header image in this guide which may help.

      Unfortunately Blogger is quite limited for shopping features and widgets. You might be able to use Ecwid to sell your paintings though.

  2. Sonia

    Hello, what should I put in the sections of my template called Post Slider, I do not know how to make appear there my post highlighted for example, thanks

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Sonia, the “Post Slider” gadget should be empty. The main reason the gadget exists is just to give you the option of removing it easily.

      If the post slider is not working, you may wish to check this guide.

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