WordPress: Where can I find my theme license key?

You can find the license key in your email receipt. If you cannot find your email receipt, or the license key is not shown in your email receipt, please see the options below.

My email receipt does not show the license key

Please go to this page to receive your updated email receipt. This will include your license key.

I don't know my order ID/number

If you can't find your email receipt, please see this page.

Someone else purchased the theme for me

If someone else purchased the theme on your behalf, please ask them to send you the license key they have been using. You must have access to the license key for any future updates and, features and security patches. So please ensure that you keep your license key in a safe place after they send it to you.

I received a free theme from you, where is my license key?

If you have received a free theme with our migration services or were gifted a theme from a pipdig competition, please email licensing@pipdig.co and we can arrange a license for you.

Can I use the license key on more than one site?

If you have installed a pipdig theme on multiple sites, you will need to provide a valid key for each site. When purchasing a theme, please take note of the license information on this page. To summarise, you can install the theme on a single site with each license key. If you would like to purchase additional licenses, please email licensing@pipdig.co and we can arrange a discount for you.

My license key does not work

If you have already used the license key on another site, you can reset it on this page. Please note that this will deactivate the theme on the current site, so it can then be used on the new site. If the key still does not work, please email licensing@pipdig.co and we can help.

I tried all that! But I still can't find my license key 😬

Please email licensing@pipdig.co and we'll be happy to help!