WordPress: How to update your theme

You can check your theme version by going to the Appearance > Themes section of your dashboard. Click on the theme in this page and it will display the version number, and also say if there is an update available.

It is important to keep your theme and plugins updated to the latest version. This will mean that any new features and bugfixes are applied to your site.

To check for a theme update, you should go to Appearance > Themes in your dashboard. If a theme update us available, it will look like the below example:


To complete the update, simply click “Update now”.

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  1. Ashton Giles

    If I bought a secondary theme because I’m bored of my original I bought from you, is it easily switched?

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Ashton, yes we’ve made the process very easy. You would just need to upload the new theme and activate it. All of your widgets, menus and social icons will be carried over from your current pipdig theme 🙂

      If you would like me to install for you then you are welcome to submit an installation request after purchase.

  2. J Mason

    Hi, I bought a template from Pipdig a few years ago to use on my blog. I have recently tried to open the template on my computer to re-use it and my computer will not allow me to open it anymore due to it being an XML file, yet before it worked perfectly. Is there a reason for this?

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Jaime, I’ve resent your order to you now so you can download a fresh copy of the template 🙂

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