WordPress: How to create a static homepage

WordPress will display your recent posts on the homepage by default. This article will show you how to create a static homepage. For example, you may wish to have a static homepage of information about your company/blog, then a blog page which displays your posts.  Or maybe you don’t want a blog page at all, and just want to create a fully fledged website.

How to Set Up a Static Homepage

1. Log in to your WordPress Dashboard and head over to the Pages > Add New dashboard page. This will become your new homepage:

2. If you would still like to create blog posts on your website, you will need to create a new “Blog” page which will display your posts. To do this, repeat step 1, but call the new page “Posts” or “Blog”, whichever you prefer.

3. Go to the Settings > Reading in your dashboard.

4. Look for the option near the top called “Front Page Displays” and set the options as shown below:

  • “Front Page” should be set as the “Home” page you created in step 1.
  • “Posts Page” should be set as the “Blog” or “Posts” page you created in step 2.

5. Now you’ve created a static homepage! All that’s left is to update your menu items. Go to the Appearance > Menus. Using the options available, you can add a menu item for your new “Home” page and “Blog” page.

Now, open up a new window and type the URL of your website. Then locate your menu. Though it depends on your theme, it’s usually located under the title of your site. Is there a “Blog” or “Posts” page? If there is, check if it redirects to a page with your posts.

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  1. Wilzette

    Hi there,
    I am using aruba nights theme. I have create a front page as my website and Blog page as shown above however, I don’t want to show the posts in this section. How do I remove post from front page /website?? Thanks

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Wilzette, after creating a static homepage the posts should not show on the homepage. Would you be able to send a link to your site? It sounds like a widget/plugin might be adding the posts perhaps.

  2. Cathrin

    Hi, I just implemented a new static homepage. However, when I open the customizer, I do not see all the widget areas anymore. I do not see the widget area “Above Blogpost (Homepage)” anymore. Background: I’d like to create a static homepage, that also includes some (but not all) of my latest post. Can you help out? Thank you

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Cathrin, a static homepage will just show the same as normal page. If you’d like to show blog post then it might be best to use the default option instead. It sounds like a static homepage probably isn’t the solution you’re looking for.

  3. Lisa C.

    Hi there, I am currently customizing the Aruba Nights Theme and am already obsessed with it. Though, I am mainly working with “pages” instead of “posts”. Is there any way to connect my most recent articles (technically “pages”) to my HOME page or do I have to work with “posts” and “categories”?

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Lisa, glad you like the theme!

      You can display a single page on the homepage via the settings mentioned above. If you’d like to display an automated feed of topics/information, then blog posts are probably better suited.

      Another alternative would be to use a plugin such as Beaver Builder or SiteOrigin to link to multiple pages from a single page.

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Sandra, it is indeed! It is possible on all of our themes 🙂

  4. Ayesha

    Hi there,
    I have the Venture theme, and was wondering if it was possible to layout my recent posts so that they’re kinda of diagonal in a way.. As in the first post is on the left side of the page, then the second post would be to the right, etc, if that makes sense! As right now mine are all aligned so the images are to the left!
    Thank you,

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Ayesha, if I understand correctly then I don’t think this is possible with the Venture theme. Are you wanting a layout which is more like the Equinox theme?

      You could try the “Floated Summary” post layout option in Venture. This is sort of similar, though all the images are on the left side.

  5. Kim

    Hi Phil, can I have my blog posts appear on both my blog page and my homepage?

    I’ve added blog posts but they aren’t coming up with a /blog and I’d like all my blog posts on one page but also to appear on my homepage whilst I’m trying to build my content!


    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Kim, it sounds like you’d be best off just having the blog posts on the homepage. Unless there’s something specific you want to display on the homepage, there isn’t really much point in moving the posts away from it and displaying them in a dedicated ‘blog’ section. When you setup a static homepage, this will remove the blog posts from there.

      1. Kim

        Thank you for coming back to quickly! Can I get widgets to appear on my homepage? Thanks

  6. Krystina

    how do I get all the post that I do to automatically show up on the home page? I tried both static and also latest post.

    & how to remove the title of the pages like, my home, about,travel.

  7. Elle

    Is there any way to actually design my static homepage to not include any sidebar things or even the display the menu, and then to have a enter site button that is linked to the posts page? This article was helpful in creating a static homepage but I need help with how I can develop the static homepage.

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Elle, you can remove the sidebar from the page via this guide. As for developing the content, this depends on what you’d like to display. You may wish to use a page builder plugin such as Beaver Builder to create a layout using their drag and drop options. They have a free plugin available too.

  8. Caryl

    Hi there,
    Is there any way I could a clickable “older posts” at the end of the “static” home page and have clickable blog post titles?

    Thank you,

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Caryl, it sounds like you might be best to use the “Your latest posts” option instead of a static homepage – https://i.imgur.com/q0wyUTQ.png. This will display your latest posts with an “Older posts” link at the bottom.

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