WordPress: How to create a pages menu/navbar

You can edit the items in your main menu by going to Appearance > Menu. If you have not used the WordPress menu system before, you may wish to take a look at this guide, which gives a very good introduction to the features.

You can then add any pages, categories, links etc to your menu by using the options on the left. Please note that pages and categories will need to be created first, before they can be added to the menu. You can do this in either the Pages section of the dashboard, or the Posts > Categories section.

Important! Once you have created your menu, you should assign it to the “Primary Menu” position:

Linking groups of posts to the menu (categories)

To display or group posts together onto a separate page, you need to use Post Categories.

First, you need to add your posts to the categories you would like to use, such as Music, Travel, Fashion etc. You can do this whilst editing any post by looking for the “Categories” section on the right of your screen:

You can add a post to as many categories as you like. After you have included some posts in a category, you can then add this category to the main menu of your site. you can edit the menus by going to Appearance > Menus in your dashboard.

The video below shows a quick example of how to link your post categories to a menu. This video assumes that you have already created Post Categories with some posts in them.

You can create dropdown menu items by dragging one menu item under another. Once positioned, click and drag the menu item so that it is slightly to the right of the item above. See this tutorial for more information on this.

Any menu items that are positioned under another like this will appear as a dropdown on your site.

What’s next?

Now that your menus and pages are ready, you may want to add extra features and styling to your site via the Customizer.

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  1. Anna

    will I be able to remove social media widgets and add them later? I am just starting on WordPress and not planning social media posts for a while. Thanks

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Anna, yes that’s no problem. The widgets actually start from a blank canvas and you get to add any you want from the options 🙂

  2. Linse van Dijk

    Hey Phil,
    I have a question about the spacing of the menu. I installed the London Calling theme and it works like a charm. The only thing I can’t find is how to spread out the menu. Because the page titles are so close together now some of the categories in the dropdown menu consist of two lines instead of one and I don’t really like the look of that. Do you have some advice about how to change that?
    Thanks a lot!

      1. Linse

        Hi Phil,
        I inserted the code into the Additional CSS tab but it doesn’t really seem to work. I think I might have done something wrong but I can’t really tell for sure. Do you have any additional information maybe? Thanks a lot!

        1. Phil (pipdig)

          The text is currently set as /*.menu-bar ul li ul a { min-width: 210px }*/ if you change that to .menu-bar ul li ul a { min-width: 210px } it should work

  3. Noor


    I chose to enable the secondary menu (below header) but the primary (above header) menu is still on. I’ve checked and I can’t see any widget doing that. So I change colors (to white so it camouflages to the background color) and you can’t actually know it is there. BUT there is still a white bar when you scroll down that bothers me. Is there a way to disable de navbar?

    Thank you!

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Noor, the Primary menu will always be active. The Secondary menu is intended as a secondary menu in addition to the Primary.

  4. Jo

    Hi, I bought the Style & Light WordPress theme this morning and have installed it. I have a few questions, but my main issue is that I managed to add categories to my top menu, but now I can’t work out how to add any more (I can’t remember what I did and can’t find the relevant article). Can you help, please?

    Also, I would like to add a dropdown menu to each of the categories in my top menu. I have read the above article about menu structure and tried to follow the instructions, but I’m getting very confused and can’t work out why the sub items that I list don’t appear as a dropdown on my top menu. I would really appreciate some really basic advice about what I’m doing wrong, please?
    Thanks very much
    Jo Beale

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