Information on image sizes

For best results, the featured image for your post should be of landscape (a horizontal rectangle, as if you were taking a photo from your camera at the normal angle and not sideways). We recommend the following sizes:

  • Blogger/Blogspot: 1600 pixels wide. Or you can simply upload images straight from your Camera (Blogger resizes large images to 1600 anyway). Always set images to Original Size.
  • WordPress: The Featured Image should be 2048 pixels wide. Images within your post content should be at least 800 pixels wide, but ideally 1200 if possible. If you are using a single column layout (no sidebar) then your post images should be 1440 pixels wide.

If you’re using Blogger/Blogspot, also make sure to set your images to original size.

If you’re using WordPress, you may wish to install this plugin which automatically resizes your images. For best results, we recommend the following settings:

Adding text to images

If you add text/overlays to your images, it is important to make sure that any text is positioned in the centre of the image. This will avoid it from being cut off when an image is cropped. If possible, always leave a margin around the edges of the image to allow for this (i.e. don’t add any text near the edges of the image).

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  1. Calypso in the Country

    I started setting my images at 1600 before I download them to my blog and followed your instructions to go with “original size”. The landscape photos look great but when I do the same thing to the portrait sized ones, they almost look too big. Also, since I use many pictures with each post, I don’t know if I want all of the photos to be that large. Could I then choose the size such as extra large even though they came in as 1600 wide? Does that mess anything up or is there a better way to make some of them smaller for the blog? Thanks!

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      If full sized portrait images are too large, you might like to merge two images together into a single image. For example, the two portrai images could be placed side by side, then saved as an image to upload to the blog. Blogger doesn’t handle images very well generally, so it’s best to avoid sizing the images within the posts other than “original size”.

  2. Anna

    Hello! Is it possible to have two images side by side in a post?

  3. Avani

    Hi! I forgot to ask last week, how will I know if my images are large enough for the template? Thanks!

      1. Avani

        Most of my old ones have 1600 as the width and the height varies. Recently I’ve been shooting in RAW though and converting to JPEG using Photoshop where I also resize. I’ve had a look at the original RAW files and the width is generally a lot bigger than 1600, but I resize in photoshop and make them JPEG so they don’t take ages to load on the blog. For example, the newer blog post photos, the width might be 970 or 1280. Does that make any sense?

        1. Phil (pipdig)

          Those sizes should be fine. A width of 1600 will work with any features, and a width of 970 should also be fine for most cases too.

  4. Sarah Grimwood

    Hi 🙂 Is there any way I can auto-set the size of featured images on my homepage? Currently they are all different sizes but wondered if there was a place I could specify dimensions that all featured photos should be?

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Sarah, that won’t be possible when using a post layout that shows the featured image. Instead, you may wish to select a post layout that shows the full content of the post. You could then set the images to any size you prefer via the post editor and add a more tag (if you wanted to display a “view post” button).

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