Blogger: Why has Instagram stopped working?

You may notice that your Instagram widget stops displaying images. The most likely reason for this is that your Access Token has expired (see note below).

How do I fix it?

You can fix it by re-installing each widget:

  • You can re-install our Instagram widget on this page.
  • You can re-install the Instagram feed along the footer/header of your site on this page (if your theme includes this feature).
  • Depending on your template, there are some extra widgets you can setup on this page too.

Why has my Access Token expired?

...We don't know. It's not something we have control of. It is fully owned and controlled by Instagram. To quote their guidance on the matter: "Access tokens may expire at any time in the future.". That is all they say about it.

It seems like the access token might expire if you make changes to your Instagram account. For example, if you reset your password or change privacy settings. This is just our guess though.

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