Blogger: How to use post labels

Blogger uses post labels to group posts into topics/subjects. This makes your content easier to browse, and helps your readers to find what they might be looking for.

Post labels can be assigned to any post from the post editing screen, using the options on the right-hand side. For example, you might like to have a category of posts under a "Music" category, as shown below:


Once you've setup your post labels you can use them to link to categories of posts. You can read more about this in this article.

Tips for labels:

  • Labels do not impact SEO positively. Do not add labels if they are simply keywords that you want to rank on search engines for.
  • Try to avoid using more than 15 post labels. Using any more than this could negatively impact your SEO and cause confusion for your readers.
  • You must publish a post before the post label will be created. For example, in our music example above, the "Music" label would not be created until the post was published.
  • Labels are case sensitive. This means that the label "Music" and "music" would be treated separately. Try to stick to using either all lower-case labels (e.g. fashion, beauty, lifestyle) or all capitalized labels  (e.g. Fashion, Beauty Lifestyle).

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