Blogger: Why are comments not working?

You may notice that the comments section of your blog posts is not showing. This is usually caused by one or both of the following reasons:

Comments are disabled on your blog

You should check the settings under the Settings > Posts, comments and sharing section of your Blogger dashboard. You should select “Embedded” from the options, as shown below:

We have also highlighted some extra options which you may wish to consider enabling to stop spam comments.

Comments are disabled on individual blog posts

You should also check that comments are not disabled in each blog post’s settings. You can do this by looking at the options on the right side of the screen whilst editing a post, as shown below:

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  1. komal

    Thanks alot mate, u solved my problem now. I have been looking for this post because some of my post’s comments were disabled but now i check them all. Thanks again

  2. Lizzie

    Hello! I’ve recently installed one of your templates for blogger, but disqus isn’t working on mobile… please can you help me?

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Lizzie, thanks for purchasing a template! This is an issue caused by Blogger mobile templates. You can read more about it on this page. If you need any help implementing their suggested fix, you’re welcome to send login details for your blog via the “contact us” button at the top of this page.

      1. Lizzie Bee

        Hello! Thank you so much for your swift response. I’ve followed that tutorial and I’m happy to say that it works! 😀 Hope you have a lovely Christmas!

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