WordPress: How to import demo post content

If you’re starting your blog from scratch, it can really help to import some demo content so that you can see the main theme options available. You can import some demo posts into your site by following the steps below:

1. Download this file by right-clicking and selecting “Download linked file as…”. The text for this option might be different depending on your browser. Save the file to your desktop.

2. Log in to your WordPress dashboard. Then go to “Tools > Import”:

3. Select “WordPress Import” from the options:

4. Upload the file which you downloaded in step 1. Click “Upload file and import”.

5. Do not change any of the options on the next page. Click “Submit” to continue.

If the import was successful, you should now have 20 blog posts which are displayed on your homepage.

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    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Maisha, you can delete the content any time by going to the “Posts” section of your dashboard.

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