WordPress: How to make sure images are the correct size

Note: if your previous theme was also from pipdig, then you do not need to follow the guidance on this page. You’re good to go!

You may notice that some images look blurry or pixelated after installing a new theme. To fix this, you should regenerate your site’s thumbnail images whenever you install a new theme.

How to regenerate your site’s thumbnails

1. Firstly, you should go to Settings > Media in your dashboard. Check that the sizes are set to the numbers shown below:

2. Go to Tools > Regenerate Thumbnails

Leave all the settings as their default options.

3. Click the “Regenerate Thumbnails For The x Featured Images Only” button

Regenerating your site’s thumbnails might take several hours if you have lots of images. You may wish to leave it running in a tab whilst you work on the rest of your site. You can edit any other section of your site whilst the process is running in the background.

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  1. Grace

    Hi I recently downloaded Aruba Nights, have regenerated the thumbnails however when I go to share the link to my site there is just a blank image. Could you point me in the right direction of how I could solve this please?

  2. Isabelle Ahn

    Hi, I have just downloaded the equinox theme and regenerated the thumbnails. After doing so, all my images are blurry. I made sure the dimensions are set to what was specified in this post. Please help!

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Isabelle, it looks like the images within your posts are set to a very small size. For example, in your latest post the images are set to 225×300 pixels like this image. When adding images to posts it is best to select the “Large” size from the options – https://i.imgur.com/m025tON.png.

      1. Isabelle Ahn

        Thank you so much Phil! All fixed😍
        I have read excellent review about your service and they were definitely not exaggerating! Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly!

  3. Debora Tentiș

    Do I need extra resize/smush program for imagines or this tool will rezise automatically when I uploade new imagines?
    Thank you!

      1. Debora Tentiș

        I have already instal Smushit plugging-uri, so I will use this. Thank You so much for a wonderful theme! 🤗

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