WordPress: How to create a Mailchimp signup form

Mailchimp is an email newsletter service which you can use to gather subscribers and send out email notifications for new posts. It is possible to gather up to 2,500 subscribers as part of their free account.

How to create a popup form

Many people like to display a signup form as a popup. Whilst this can be effective at alerting people to your newsletter, be careful not to annoy your readers by showing the popup too often or distracting from your content. If you would like to create a signup form which appears on the screen as a popup, Mailchimp have a guide for this feature on this page.

When adding the popup, Mailchimp will ask you to copy and paste some HTML into your site. You can copy this into the 3rd box at pipdig > Theme Hooks.

How to automatically send new posts to subscribers

You can setup Mailchimp to email your subscribers whenever you publish a new post. Please see this guide for more information on connecting your RSS feed to Mailchimp. Your WordPress RSS feed is located at http://yourdomain.com/feed.

How to add a signup form to the sidebar

We recommend using this plugin to add signup forms to any widget area of your site.

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  1. Madison

    Hey Phil!
    I have the Blossom template & I LOVE IT! However, I can’t get the mail chimp pop up to work anymore. I tried putting the custom HTML in the Full Footer Width and all of the footer columns.Please advise what I should try next!

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Madison, I’m glad you like the theme!

      If you remove the Custom HTML widget, then copy the code into the 3rd box t ‘pipdig > Theme Hooks’ does that work better? You might need to load your page in a private browsing window to test the popup.

      It looks like the code is also located in ‘pipdig > Custom CSS’. However you should remove that as it won’t work in that location.

  2. Trang

    Hi Phil,

    I have crystal theme, and trying to set up a mailchimp RSS campaign. The campaign is pulling two of the same images from my post to the email. I’m not sure how to fix this, but I tried installing feature image plug in, and uninstalling, trying different merge tags, even changing the feature image of the post, yet it’s still pulling the same two images. Please help!

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Trang, it looks like there is a plugin on your site which is adding extra images to the RSS feed. If you disable any plugins which are related to the RSS feed it should fix that. Let me know when you have disabled those plugins and I can check your RSS feed to verify.

      1. Trang

        Phil, even when I didn’t have those plugins, it was pulling two images when using the excerpt/summary only layout. I was able to get the issue resolved by change the homepage layout options to using 1 full post and grid for the rest. But I’m not liking the way the grid at the bottom look. This is now a different issue, but is there a way to customize how that section look? Like showing the post title in whole, different size for the grid image (square perhaps or vertical?), showing an excerpt from the post, etc. I’m guessing it is more customization than the theme allows, but would it be something you can help me with?

        1. Phil (pipdig)

          Hi Trang, apologies for the slow reply. Your comment went into the spam was automatically blocked as spam for some reason.

          I think the best solution will be to fix the issue with the RSS feed, rather than changing the post layout as a workaround. It seems that something is not working correctly. If you’d like to send login details via the ‘contact us’ button at the top of this page I can check this for you.

  3. Aarti Popat

    Hi Phil, I have a ‘lead page’ from mailchimp – how can i create a button or a pop up that is intuitive that pops up only after the visitor has been on my site for say 5 minutes ?

    I want to lead them to the opt in/freebie and then a sequence of emails.



  4. michelle

    I created a pop-up email subscription on MailChimp. It gave me a code and now I don’t know were to put in. I don’t want to mess with my theme code and ruin something.

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Michelle, you can paste the code into a “Custom HTML” widget in the “Footer Full Width” section.

  5. Stefanie

    I´m so lucky! This was exactly the post I was looking for!! Thank you soooo much for sharing this and helping others!

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