WordPress: How to create a Mailchimp signup form

Mailchimp is a newsletter service which you can use to gather subscribers and send out email notifications for new posts.

How to automatically send new posts to subscribers

You can setup Mailchimp to email your subscribers whenever you publish a new post. Please see this guide for more information on connecting your RSS feed to Mailchimp. Your WordPress RSS feed is located at http://yourdomain.com/feed.

How to create a signup form as a widget

We recommend using this plugin to add signup forms to any widget area of your site.

How to create a popup form

Many people like to display a signup form as a popup. Whilst this can be effective at alerting people to your newsletter, be careful not to annoy your readers by showing the popup too often or distracting from your content. If you would like to create a signup form which appears on the screen as a popup, you may wish to use this plugin.

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