Blogger: How to remove the sidebar

You can change the layout of your blog at any time. For example, you may wish to remove the sidebar and have a single column layout.

To remove the sidebar, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the “Theme” section of your dashboard

2. Click the “Customize” button

3. Select the “Layout” section at the top of the screen

3. Select your desired layout from the options. The option shown with a red arrow below will remove the sidebar:

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  1. Dan

    I think they must have changed this because I can’t remove the sidebar. Tried in Aug 2017, using Emporio theme – any way you can update this article? Because I’d like to know how to do this, please. Is there an HTML workaround?

  2. Zoe


    Can you tell me, how can I lay my Popular Posts horizontally after removing the sidebar? Now they are vertically in my footer and it doesn’t look good.

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Zoe, the standard popular posts widget in Blogger is really designed to be used in the sidebar. If you’ve removed the sidebar from your blog, I’d recommend removing the popular posts widget from the layout.

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