Blogger: How to add/edit the profile photo

You can edit the profile photo in your template by going to the Layout section of your blog’s dashboard. The profile photo will remain the same shape as the original image. If you would like the image to be a circle, you can use free websites this tool.

From there, edit the gadget in the sidebar called “Your Photo”.


Want to create a circle shaped profile photo? You may find this tool useful.

You can also add some text under your profile photo by using the “Caption” field shown below:

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  1. Avani


    Is it possible for the caption to display like a list, instead of it displaying like one long sentence?



    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Avani, if you would like to add a more details description you may wish to use a “Text” gadget. You could add a new Text gadget underneath the “Your Photo” gadget in the sidebar.

  2. Angelika Grigorjeva


    I changed the layout of the theme and now your photo gadget is gone, how do I add it back so it shows up next to a post after it’s clicked on?!

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Angelika, as an alternative you could add an “Image” gadget to replace it. This is available in the list when you click “Add a gadget” in your layout.

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