WordPress: Instagram Widget

Our Instagram Widget will display your recent images from Instagram. You can display images from the main Instagram account, or add a new access token to the widget directly if you would like to show a different account. How to use this widget 1. First you should connect your site […]

WordPress: Feature Header

This Customizer option can be used to display a magazine style section at the top of your homepage. This feature includes two sections: “Big this month” – this section will display popular posts (based on the number of comments) “Recent Posts” – this section displays a slider/carousel of recent posts. […]

WordPress: How to link to your homepage

WordPress does not always show a “Home” button in the menu by default. If you have just started your site, you may need to create a link which points to your homepage and add this to your main menu. Follow the steps below to do this: 1. Go to ‘Appearance […]

Blogger: Why doesn’t the font work on mobile?

There is currently a bug with the Blogger template system which means some fonts are not automatically added to your mobile layout. We have been waiting many years for a fix …so it probably isn’t coming any time soon. Instead, please complete the steps below to temporarily fix this issue: […]

WordPress: Facebook Widget

Our Facebook Widget is an easy way for you to add Facebook’s “Page Plugin” feature to your site. This can display your latest Facebook posts and friend’s faces (optional). Note: Facebook’s widget will only work for Facebook PAGES, not Facebook profiles. You can read more about the difference between pages […]

WordPress: Snapchat Widget

We have bundled our popular Snapchat Snapcode WordPress plugin with all of our themes (you don’t need to install the plugin to use it). This widget allows you to display your Snapchat Snapcode in any widget area of your site, like the example below: Snapchat introduced Snapcodes as an easy […]

WordPress: Social Media Icons Widget

This widget can be used to display a links to your social media pages. There are two different layouts available to choose from: Pro tip! If you have added your social media links via this guide, this widget will be pre-filled with the icons. So you won’t need to re-add […]

WordPress: Email Subscribe Widget (FeedBurner)

The email subscribe widget allows people to sign up to your blog and receive notifications of new posts. This widget uses Google’s FeedBurner service to deliver emails to subscribers. Before setting up this widget, you will need to connect your site to FeedBurner by following the steps below. How to […]

WordPress: Image Widget

This widget can be used to display an image in any widget section of your pipdig theme. For example, you may wish to display a badge/image from a network you are part of. You can also use this widget to display image advertisers in your sidebar and footer. How to […]

Blogger: How to remove the sidebar

You can change the layout of your blog at any time. For example, you may wish to remove the sidebar and have a single column layout. To remove the sidebar, follow the steps below: 1. Go to the “Theme” section of your dashboard 2. Click the “Customize” button 3. Select […]

Blogger: YouTube Widget

You can install our custom YouTube widget by using the options below. This will display up to 5 of your latest videos automatically. Note: you should enter your YouTube CHANNEL ID. Not your Username or Channel url. Please note: this tool will not work with Internet Explorer. For best results […]

WordPress: Hooks and Filters Reference

This information is for WordPress developers only. If you do not known what a Hook, Filter or Action is, please read this guide first. We’ve included a number of actions to make it easy to add extra features to your pipdig theme. Don’t see what you need here? Let us […]