WordPress: How to import demo content

If you're starting your site from scratch, it can be helpful to import some demo content so that you can see the main theme options available. How to automatically import the demo content If your site contains no blog posts, you can automatically import demo content by going to pipdig […]

Blogger: Why are comments not working?

You may notice that the comments section of your blog posts is not showing. This is usually caused by one or both of the following reasons: Comments are disabled on your blog You should check the settings under the Settings > Posts, comments and sharing section of your Blogger dashboard. […]

Blogger: A note about spam comments

Over the past year or so Blogger/Blogspot has become increasingly bad at blocking spam comments before they reach your blog. During our free Blogger template installation service, we have noticed that some blogs contain a lot of spam comments. What is a spam comment? A spam comment is usually created […]

Choosing the right social media

Social media can seem like an intimidating place at first. I mean, where do you start? What platforms do you sign up to? Don’t worry, we got you. If you’ve just started your blog, check out our useful info on the main types of social media so you can decide […]

Earning money from your blog

So you want to make a few pennies from your blog? There are a few ways you can do this without having glaring ads or selling your soul to a brand. Follow our simple steps below to start earning rewards from your hard earned time blogging. Google Adsense Adsense is […]

Instagram hashtags

We mentioned hashtags in our previous guide about boosting pageviews, so here’s our roundup of the best and most popular Instagram hashtags to increase your visibility and engage with the blogging community. Note: Instagram lets you use a maximum of 30 hashtags per picture Fashion Bloggers #ootd #outfitoftheday #lookoftheday #wiwt […]

Tips for increasing your pageviews/traffic

Once you’ve got your blog design sorted, picked a name and set up your social media, it’s time to start promoting your posts and encouraging people to read your amazing content. Here’s our top five ways to boost your pageviews from day one. Pageviews are such a small part of […]

Photography tips and tricks

If you decide you want to include photos to go along with your content, here’s some simple tips and tricks to make your pics even better so you can draw more readers in! You don’t need to own an expensive camera or a host of lenses, either… Learn how to […]

WordPress: How to create a dropdown menu

Note: this guide assumes that you have already created a menu for your site. You can create dropdown menu items by dragging one menu item under another. Once positioned, click and drag the menu item so that it is slightly to the right of the item above. See this tutorial […]

WordPress: Padded Text Shortcode

This shortcode can be used to display blocks of text with a left/right margin. This pushes the text into the middle of the page/post, and makes it appear thinner than the rest of the content. You can view an example of this shortcode in this post. This shortcode will display […]

WordPress: YouTube Widget

The YouTube widget will display your recent videos from your channel or a specific playlist you have created. To use this widget, go to the Appearance > Widgets section of your dashboard. For more information about how to use widgets, please see this guide. You can display up to 6 […]

WordPress: Popular Posts Widget

All of our themes include a fully-featured Popular Posts widget. This widget will display blog posts based on your site's traffic stats. If traffic stats are unavailable, the widget will use a post's comment count to calculate popularity. It is also possible to change the layout/style of the posts. So […]