Blogger: How to add categories to the navbar/menu

Linking posts to a specific page in Blogger/Blogspot is something we get a lot of questions about. The steps are quite difficult to understand at first, but please read through the information carefully and it will work. Note: This guide is for displaying blog posts in topics such as "Music" […]

Blogger: How to add pages to the navbar/menu

Note: this guide is for setting up static pages, such as an “About Me” or "Contact" page. If you would like to add a category of posts to a page, please see this guide instead. How to add a page to Blogger/Blogspot: We have created a quick video tutorial/example below. […]

Blogger: How to make images full width

If your images are at least 630 in width, then they will automatically scale to fill the full width of the blog post. Blogger automatically converts your images into various sizes. If you do not select "Original size" when adding an image to a post, Blogger will automatically select a […]

Blogger: How to install the template (xml) file

Installing a Blogger template is easier than you might think. After uploading a single file, it is installed and you are ready to start blogging. Note: if you have now already downloaded your template you should do that via this guide. You can install the template by uploading the ‘Template.xml’ […]

Blogger: How to enable/disable the mobile template

Our Blogger templates use Google's Mobile Template system so that your content loads super fast on mobile devices. We recommend enabling the mobile template on your blog so your readers can benefit from this, and also because Google recommends it. How to enable the mobile template: To activate the mobile […]

Blogger: How to add/edit the profile photo

You can edit the profile photo in your template by going to the Layout section of your blog's dashboard. The profile photo will remain the same shape as the original image. If you would like the image to be a circle, you can use free websites this tool. From there, […]

Blogger: How to remove the post slider

If your template comes with a post slider pre-installed, you can remove this at any time. Note: If you decide to remove the slider, the only way to bring it back is to re-install the template. See the section at the bottom of this article for more information. To remove […]

Where can I download a VAT receipt?

How to download a receipt You can download a VAT receipt/invoice for your order on this page. "The form won't work!" If the form on that page does not work, please contact us. please include as much information as possible so that we can find your order. For example: Order […]

What types of payment are accepted?

We accept the following payment types based on location: United Kingdom Bank Transfer PayPal (account not required) Credit/Debit Card Worldwide PayPal (account not required) Credit/Debit Card If you have any special requirements for your payment you are welcome to contact us.  

Blogger: Goodreads Widget

Goodreads allows you to share your reading lists with friends. The Goodreads widget allows you to show your featured books in your pipdig template, as shown in the example below. How to install this widget 1. Once you've created a Goodreads account and signed in, click on your avatar at […]