WordPress: How to setup widgets

All of our WordPress themes come with a wide variety of custom built widgets. You can read more about each widget on this page. The Widgets section of your WordPress dashboard is a very powerful area to customize your site. You can add all kinds of features to your site […]

WordPress: Why are my images sideways?

There is a common WordPress issue that causes some cameras or phones to display photos sideways when uploaded to WordPress. It seems that this issue happens more frequently if you use an iPhone or iPad to take your photos. As a possible fix, you can try installing the Imsanity plugin. […]

WordPress: Star Rating (reviews) shortcode

Do you write products reviews? Now you can add a star rating to any post/page by using the shortcode [pipdig_stars]. Set the rating by adding a “rating” number out of 5 to the shortcode: The “color” option can be any HTML color code (.e.g #123456) from this page. You can […]

WordPress: How to create 2 column layouts

Note: this shortcode can help you to create 2 column layouts in a quick and easy way. If you would like to create more advanced layouts/columns then you may wish to try using a plugin. Using any pipdig theme, it is possible to float text/images to the left/right using our […]

Where can I find my pipdig Order ID/Number?

After purchasing any pipdig product from pipdig.co, you will receive an email confirmation with your order number. Please keep this email in a safe place, as you will need your order number to request support. We recently updated our email designs in 2018. If you ordered a theme before, your […]

Blogger: How to download your template

After you purchase a template from our website, you will be sent an email receipt within a few minutes. The email includes a link to download the theme installation file near the bottom of the message. Scroll to the bottom of the email, then you can download your theme using […]

Blogger: Why won’t Bloglovin’ work?

There are a number of reasons why Bloglovin’ may not work. Note: we have listed this article as advice only. If you need further assistance with Bloglovin’ please contact their support team. Some common reasons are: Your blog is brand new You may need to publish a few posts before […]

Blogger: Why won’t the Post Slider work?

There are a number of reasons why the post slider may not be working. We have listed some tips below: 1. Is your blog set to “Private” mode? The post slider will only work if your blog is set to Public, rather than private. Please try setting your Blog to […]