WordPress: Hooks and Filters Reference

This information is for WordPress developers only. If you do not known what a Hook, Filter or Action is, please read this guide first.

We’ve included a number of actions to make it easy to add extra features to your pipdig theme.

Don't see what you need here? Let us know in the comments below and we might be able to add that for you 🙂


p3_content_start - Start of the post content, after the post title.

p3_content_end - End of the post content.

p3_summary_start - Start of post content on archive pages (when using the excerpt post layout).

p3_summary_end - Same as above, but at the end of the summary.

p3_top_site_main - Top of the theme at the .site-main div.

p3_site_main_end - Same as above, but at the end of the theme.

p3_top_site_main_container - Top of the theme at the .site-main div, but inside the .container

p3_posts_column_start - Top of the .col-sm-8 div where posts are displayed in archives. (note: if the sidebar has been disabled then the div will be .col-xs-12)

p3_posts_column_end - Same as above, but at the end of the post listings.

p3_footer_bottom - End of the page, just above the site copyright bar at the bottom.

p3_main_row_start - Start of the main page content, above the posts and sidebar.

p3_site_top_after - After the main menu bar at the top, inside the .site-top div



Documentation still to come.


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