WordPress: How to disable the Responsive layout

Our themes will automatically adapt to any screen size, as recommended by Google.

If you would prefer to disable this feature, you can do so by going to Appearance > Customize in your dashboard. Then look for the ‘Disable Responsive layout’ option in the ‘Layout Options’ tab. This will mean your website will look more similar to the desktop layout on mobile devices.

We do not recommend that you enable this feature, as a responsive layout will help people to read your content on smaller devices.

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  1. Bejal

    Hi Phil,

    Was just about to message with the above and realised I had WP touch plug-in! As soon as I deactivated everything is fine! I knew the theme was responsive so couldn’t figure out what was happening but alps good now. So on the mobile version, I just have a small issue where in the footer my copyright and the powered bynpipdig are on 2 separate lines! Can they appear on one as in the desktop site?
    This is just a small thing so not too much of a problem.
    Thanks again for all your help! I’ve got to say You literally have the best support service as well as brilliant themes!

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Ahh that’s interesting! Either way I’m glad to hear it is working now 🙂

      I’ve just pushed an update to the theme which should fix the footer text on mobile. They won’t be on the left/right, however they will both be in the centre stacked more nicely. You can update the theme via this guide. Let me know if you experience any issues updating.

  2. Bejal

    Hi Phil,
    Did as you suggested but still get the same. So when looking at my website via instagram it;s still in the listed format with no logo etc. I did this via my iphone and had a friend do it too. we both get the same. However if we click link desktop, we get the site in the right format. This is really strange as I can go to other websites of followers on Instagram and it takes me direct to their proper sites

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Bejal, it does sound rather strange. Would you be ok to send me login details for your site via this page? Please also include a screenshot from your phone so I can see what it looks like from your Instagram.

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