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You may find that some social networks that you add to the Social Links section do not display any follower counts. This is not always the case, but sometimes the social network will require that you create an access token to access the data on your account. This is for your own security, and something which we have no control over.

For example, many people are reporting that the Twitter counter is no longer updating. This is because Twitter now requires an access token rather than supplying the data publicly.

To fix this, you can use the free Social Count Plus plugin. Our themes are fully compatible with this plugin’s data. So your stats will seamlessly integrate with all features. You just need to create an access token for the social networks that are no longer updating automatically. For example, if it is just Twitter that has stopped working, you only need to connect the Social Count Plus plugin to Twitter.

Please note, we are not able to help you create the access tokens as this would breach their terms and conditions. You should refer to this page for guidance on creating your access tokens. If you need any help creating an access token, please contact the social network’s support team, or you could ask for assistance on the plugin’s support forum.

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  1. Teresa

    Hi I am have a problem with my social media links/counters at the bottom of my page. I am only seeing Instagram and Pinterest.

    I have followed the guidelines above and checked the URLs and all are correct,

    I;m i missing something?

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Teresa, unfortunately I don’t think there will be anything else you can do if the plugin and theme options are not working with the counters. This must mean that the host you’re using is not allowing the connection. I’d also recommend double checking the connection AP/key settings in the plugin to make sure they are correct.

  2. Mercy Kumase

    Hello…i have added my Facebook and bloglovin accounts but the counters and stats for these are not showing. Not sure why because pinterest and instagram seem to be working just fine. Please can you check and figure it out? Website ishttp://mercyalamode.com

    1. Phil (pipdig)

      Hi Mercy, the bloglovin count is not shown because it is currently at 0. It will start to show once it hits at least 1. For Facebook, this may be because of the issue mentioned in the article above. You can test this by installing and configuring the Social Count Plus plugin and connecting your Facebook account via the API settings. It looks like Facebook are starting to close down public access to the counter data, and now require you to use an API key.

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